I just created an overview page which is in the menu above. It’s only purpose is to give an outline of all the moving parts in this developing theory. Each category deserves, and may get, a chapter in a book. Eventually there will be a page for each of these above. Here is an even shorter version:


2. Framework

3. Ontology

4. Teleonomy (function/purpose)

5. Representation

6. Computation

7. Conceptualization

8. Pattern Recognition

9. Multi-pattern Medium

10. Thought

11. Qualia

3 thoughts on “Overview

  1. I’m mostly focused on number 8, Pattern Recognition. One could say that my website is dedicated to the exposure of patterns.

    I also find it curious that you partially defined number 4 but not any of the others. (Very Curious)

    Is there anything that is in our reality that does not fit in your developing theory?

    • Actually, this post was just a list of the outline. You can find an expanded outline in the page marked “0. Overview” in the menu at top. You’ll find more on pattern recognition in “8. Unitrackers”. [hopefully I can fix the borked formatting before you see it.] Likewise for the other categories.

      Let me know if you have comments, questions.


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