[edited 3/20/19]

Welcome to my website! Just so ya know, the entire point of this site is to be a place for me to collect my ideas about philosophy. This used to say “about consciousness”, but it became clear to me that the framework described explains ontology, epistemology, teleology, and causation, at least. Ultimately, I anticipate putting these ideas in a book. [It could happen.]

Click on the page links above to see the Theory. Leave comments in the appropriate blog entry below.

James of Seattle

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. James, We have different models, but we are heading in the same direction, I believe. I read about psychules on your website and have some questions.
    1. How is a psychule different from a function that transforms inputs to outputs?
    2. In the brain we can flexibly connect psychules to other psychules (non contentious, I hope?). How would psychules control the connections between other psychules? (They need to be able to refer to them and selectively activate them).
    3. If the brain can flexibly connect psychules to other psychules, what criterion does it use to choose which set of connections are best to make in the current circumstance?
    Peter Martin
    pjm678 at hotmail dot com

  2. Peter,

    1. A psychule is a function with specific constraints on the input, mechanism, and output.
    2. One psychule could control another by providing input and/or changing the mechanism of that other psychule.
    3. I believe you are asking me how the brain works. Dunno. Give the neuroscientists a few more years.


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